Floor Puzzle Play Mats for safety and comfort of babies and toddlers

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Puzzle Play mats for safety and comfort

These interlocking puzzle play mats provide comfortable cushioning - a soft and safe play area for your little ones as carpet can be cold or hard and even rough sometimes and the mats are great for capturing children’s attention. These playmats may even make an attractive addition to the aesthetic of your home. 

Your baby will love those bright and vibrant colours – it develops their imagination, they learn colours and shapes and it provides soft place to play and crawl.

Made from high quality soft EVA foam with velveteen fibre, water resistant and easy to clean and replace if needed. Super durable and provide protection for your baby and floor. The beauty of these colourful interlocking puzzle squares is that if you choose 3 different colours you can change the pattern in different order as many times as you like. See pattern ideas below. You can make the play area as big or as small as you like. Great for picnics and time outside as well as for inside of your home.

The puzzle play mats can be easily cleaned and stored away. Also, a great benefit of these mats is that if one gets damaged you need to replace only one and not the whole carpet area.

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Dimensions: 30X30X1cm 1pc
Thickness: 1cm
Age Range: 0-12 Months,> 3 years old
Base material: : Foam EVA

Top material: High quality Velveteen

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