Stickman's Baby Safety Magnetic Locks for cupboards and drawers 4 + 1 key + installer

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How to install Stickman's cupboard locks

Child safety locks -  with magnetic key and installer. Stickman's locks just got even better. Easier than ever installation. New features - grip on the lock - The claw, Stronger magnet on the key.

New design of our Cupboard and drawers safety locks safes you time, money and furniture. The new feature  of our magnetic locks is a cradle that makes it so easy to install and use these locks.

Cupboard Safety locks - So easy to install

Once the upper part of the lock is on the upper lip of a cabinet, the rest is a breeze. The cradle included will do the rest of the installation. Super strong 3M tape used on the sticky pads which withstand up to 12kg - 26lb of force. You can also view the cupboard installation on the FAQ page and drawers installation video.

Magic cradle

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