Child Magnetic safety lock for cupboards and drawers, 8 locks +2 keys + installer

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Stickman’s Baby safety Lock with magnetic key for cupboards and drawers. 

Practical Benefits:

- No need for tools or any measurements, the installation tool is included.

- Can be switched off (and back on) or removed at any time (furniture friendly)

- Easy returns

Please see the video installation video below.

These magnetic cabinet safety locks are designed to be in the right place for as long as needed without any tools (installer included) and can be used all around the house: on the kitchen cupboards and drawers, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and drawers or even desks with important paperwork.

Every lock is equipped with a switch so it can be easily switched on and off as needed – so convenient if you have grandchildren visiting, for example.


Super strong 3M tape used on the sticky pads which withstand up to 12kg - 26lb of force. 


Note: Keep your magnetic key on the upper parts of cupboards on key plate (included) or on any metal surface such as fridge or cooker hood.

How to install Stickman’s magnetic safety locks

  1. Please ensure the surface is clean, Wipe it with an alcoholic wipe or surgical spirit. If the surface is not clean it will not stick properly.
  2. The first lock is already in the cradle along with a catcher. Press the switch down so the lock stays in place.
  3. Peel the top protective paper off and align it with the edge of the upper lip of a cupboard (or side wall for drawers) so the end line of the upper catcher is aligned with the end line of the upper lip of the cupboard, making sure that the back of the lock with protective paper is facing you, press firmly.
  4. Press the switch up.
  5. Peel the protective paper off and close the door, press firmly.
  6. Open the door, the lock is on the inside door, press firmly.
  7. Take the cradle off by pulling it towards you from the back.
  8. Do not use the doors for 12 hours to ensure the locks are set.
  9. Stick the magnetic key plate on the upper wall out of reach of children.

If you need less than 8 locks you can find a pack of 4 locks here

There is video instruction on how to install these locks for drawers in FAQ tab.

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