Baby room decor

Nordic nursery decor inspirations

Inspired by Nordic style decor - simple and clean lines without sacrificing beauty for your baby’s comfort and joy. Beautiful creations that will make the world around your baby just a little bit more special. Most of our decorative items are handmade or partially handmade. It is so simple to make create wonderful space and add some character to your nursery or playroom with few cushion, cute carpet or mat, wall decoration of your choice. In this collection of wonderful things, you will find beautiful items for your baby's room - decorative plush dolls, unique and quirky wall mounts and shelves, cushion dolls - super cute animals and cushion at the same time, wonderful canvas art prints as well as variety of styles for over bed canopies, play tents, teepee,  and many other amazing ideas for your nursery. Your little one will not be disappointed with our splendid choice of wonderful things.