Lower the volume of your voice - Toddler handling tips 2019

Lower the volume of your voice, generally.


Lower the volume. It’s natural for parents to raise their voices and shout to be heard. The TV may be on, the washing machine spinning, and a bunch of noisy toys may be in play. As your child gets louder and louder, you may find that you do too, in an effort to be heard over all the noise. But raising your voice and shouting raises your stress levels and often doesn't work, because as you increase your volume, your child might raise his too. If you get into the habit of using tone instead of volume, you’ll be much more effective. Instead of shouting, get down to your child’s level and look him in the eye. Lower the tone of your voice and sound decisive. He'll soon learn to use tone instead of volume too.

Tot tips for parenting toddler: 

  • - Believe in yourselfIf you believe you can handle your toddler's tantrums wellyou will
  • - Get outPlan at least one fun activity that will take you away from home.
  • - Go with your gut instinctWatch out for the warning signs before a full-blown tantrum occurs and create a diversion.
  • - Don't rush in. Commit to be calm, take a deep breath and count to three. Focus on your breathing as you decide how you want to deal with his/her tantrum.
  • - Take control of the situation 
  • - Act like a parent, not a child. You can’t change your toddler’s behaviour by shouting, but you can by setting a good example.
  • - When you look at your toddler, see the child you love. See a child learning to be independent – not being deliberately difficult. 
  • - Stop giving attention to behaviour you want to discourage. Behaviour that gets attention, gets repeated.
  • - Don’t take anything he does or says personally. This is about him learning to be independent. It’s not about you.
  • - Don’t frown – smile! It has been scientifically proven to make you feel better.

Keep calm and act your age, not your toddler’s!


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 Source: Lorraine Thomas “Brilliantly Behaved Toddler”

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